Have you ever been hit with an IRS penalty for missing a tax deadline? Is the bank taking your money because of overdrafts?

As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is spend your hard-earned money unnecessarily. At Provision Business Services, we maintain up-to-date records of your account balances and remind you of tax deadlines to help you avoid costly penalties, fees, and interest.

Stop Allowing Banks to Take Your Money

Does this sound familiar: You’re out of town, or it’s a holiday, or you’re just swamped with business and haven’t balanced your checkbook. You even called your bank to check on your balance a couple of times. When you finally get a chance to look at your statement, you’re surprised to see that checks have bounced. The problem is that balance your bank tells you doesn’t reflect the checks you wrote yesterday, though, and definitely doesn’t reflect that check you wrote last month that still hasn’t cleared. The only way to really know your bank balance is to balance your checkbook.

Overdraft fees at $35 a pop can quickly ding your account. Some banks may even charge you a daily fee every day you are over drawn–talk about adding insult to injury! Provision Business Services, LLC, will keep your accounts balanced regularly to help you avoid costly bank fees.

Stop Paying Tax Agencies More Than You Need To

Have you ever filed your gross receipts late? Ouch! In some cases, IRS penalties and interest can actually cost more than the tax you owe. Provision Business Services, LLC reminds you of tax deadlines so you can file on time.

Save Your Money, Save Your Credit

With the help of a professional bookkeeper, you not only save your business from spending money on avoidable costs, you can build your credit. Eliminating bounced checks and filing your taxes on time reflects positively on your credit, which means better rates with credit cards, banks, and insurance companies.

Stop paying avoidable penalties, fees, and interest. Call 505-269-3783 today!